10 Car Features We Wish Came Standard

Passenger Info Screen
The Ferrari FF (Creative Commons/Flickr/Fast Car Zone)

End the endless "Are we there yet?" whine by taking a page from the Ferrari FF playbook, which puts a screen in front of the passenger that will tell them at a glance if we are indeed there yet. It tells the passenger the car's current speed, average speed, top speed, rpm, gear, travel time and mileage. You can even make the whiner's life a living hell by making it into a word problem: "If we're traveling to Grandma's house at 90 miles per hour (144.8 kilometers per hour), and she lives 180 miles (289.7 kilometers) away, how long will it take us to get there?" Although, until this tech is made standard, if your whiner is going to Grandma's in a Ferrari FF, a word problem is not necessarily going to make his life a living hell.