10 Car Features We Wish Came Standard

Car as WiFi Hotspot
BMW ConnectedDrive (Courtesy of BMW U.S.A.)
BMW ConnectedDrive (Courtesy of BMW U.S.A.)

Soon, cars won't even be what we think of as a traditional car anymore. They'll be mobile devices that we can climb inside. They'll drive us to our destinations while we check our e-mail. Or play Candy Crush. They'll talk to each other so we don't have to. In a perfect world, they'll also fly. While we wait for the future to arrive, though, the cars we already have are becoming mobile WiFi hotspots. All their business will be cloud-based, including navigation, music and anything else you'd normally store in an on-board hard drive. And once it's in the cloud -- there's an app for that. The BMW ConnectedDrive has already dipped a tire in the future with a WiFi hotspot system.

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