10 Car Features We Wish Came Standard

Car as WiFi Hotspot
BMW ConnectedDrive (Courtesy of BMW U.S.A.)

Soon, cars won't even be what we think of as a traditional car anymore. They'll be mobile devices that we can climb inside. They'll drive us to our destinations while we check our e-mail. Or play Candy Crush. They'll talk to each other so we don't have to. In a perfect world, they'll also fly. While we wait for the future to arrive, though, the cars we already have are becoming mobile WiFi hotspots. All their business will be cloud-based, including navigation, music and anything else you'd normally store in an on-board hard drive. And once it's in the cloud -- there's an app for that. The BMW ConnectedDrive has already dipped a tire in the future with a WiFi hotspot system.