10 Car Features We Wish Came Standard


Camera in the Mirror

The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid (Courtesy of Honda Motor Company, Ltd.)
The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid (Courtesy of Honda Motor Company, Ltd.)

Perhaps you live in one of those bike-friendly cities everybody likes to make lists of. As a driver in that city, perhaps you live in fear of having to cross a bike lane to make a right turn -- so much so that, unlike the fabled UPS drivers who only make right turns to increase efficiency, you only make left turns. Well, if cameras in the passenger-side rearview mirror, like the one in the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, were standard, you could make right turns again. It's intended to be a blind spot assist, but it works so well for a quick bike lane check -- throwing the image from the camera up into the center console -- that it should probably be standard equipment on any car in any city that makes one of those bike-friendly lists.

Author's Note: 10 Car Features We Wish Came Standard

As an automotive journalist, I have driven a lot of cars. A lot. And often, car companies give you the most loaded version of a car they've got. They want you to like it. They want you to marvel over it. They want you to write about how you liked it and marveled over it. So I've had a lot of cold air blown up my butt in my day. I've also had a lot of heated steering wheels, blind spot warning systems, leather seats that make a girl melt, and even a collision avoidance system that did indeed save my butt.

But as a regular old human who has to buy a car and afford the payments, I don't have many bells and whistles in my car. I've got fog lights; that's cool, right? I had to upgrade my stereo to get a USB jack. I do have a lot of windshield wiper settings, which I appreciate; but that's hardly a driverless car, now is it?

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