Understanding Cars
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Understanding: Car Engine Basics
Using a special engine cam, get an introduction to the basic functions and operations of a car engine on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Car Engine Designs
The biggest production engine ever made had 16 cylinders. Learn more about car engines on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Cars and Fire
Learn how controlled explosions force a car to drive forward on the Learning Channel's "Understanding."
Understanding: Cars in the 1920's
The Salon Era of car design and the era of the Ford Model T both took place in the 1920s. Learn more about cars of the 1920s on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Computer Chip Based Car Engines
Engine and fuel functions previously controlled by mechanical and vacuum connections are now controlled by computers. Learn more about computer chips and car manufacturers on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Drivetrain and Transmission Basics
Most cars in America use an automatic transmission to do the shifting in their drivetrain. Learn more about transmissions and drivetrains on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: The Origin of Cars
As early as 1868 there was a major public interest in a mechanical substitute for the horse. Learn about the beginnings of the car on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: The Rise of Toyota
World War II bombs destroyed Japanese factories, and these companies had to begin from scratch. Learn more about the rise of Toyota on TLC's "Understanding."
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