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Car Trends & Innovations

How do self-parking cars and car computers work? What is drifting? Read the answers to these and other questions in the Trends & Innovations Channel.

Is it possible to assemble a car with glue?

Would you be surprised to learn that automakers are using adhesives to bond components on modern vehicles? We're not talking about the glue you'll find on a typical craft table. These are automotive structural adhesives. See more »

How Hypercars Work

Even if you drive a hybrid vehicle, wouldn't it be great if you could get better mileage? How about 100 miles per gallon, or even more? See more »

Top 10 Everyday Car Technologies That Came From Racing

Most race fans dream of slipping behind the wheel of a purebred race car. As it turns out, your own car already has several features that were originally designed for racing. So what are they? See more »

What is the DARPA Urban Challenge?

People are bad drivers. But as the DARPA Urban Challenge proves, sometimes cars are, too. Why does a department of the U.S. government conduct an annual race for fully robotic cars? See more »

What are tiny leaning cars?

If your car were skinny enough, you could follow that guy on the bicycle who is threading his way through parked traffic. What a joy that would be. Is there such a car? See more »

How light will cars be in the future?

The glory days of the over-sized SUV have ended. The lighter the vehicle, the less fuel it needs to get up and go. How light can a car be? See more »

How Driverless Cars Will Work

Sure it'd be nice to have your car ferry you through the morning commute, but that's the stuff of sci-fi dreams, right? You'll be surprised at what driverless technology is already under your hood. See more »

How Stackable Cars Will Work

The next time you're at the grocery store, take a moment to glance at the stacked shopping carts -- their space-saving design may be the basis for automobiles of the future. See more »

Will we drive on underground automated highways?

If life is a highway, get ready to take a long subterranean trip. Underground automated highways will allow drivers to relax while self-driving vehicles steer, and tunnels could help conserve land. See more »

Who is looking to reinvent the 18-wheeler?

High gas prices have many of us feeling the pinch, but for truckers, the situation may be even more serious. Can a German visionary transform the semi and get the trucking industry back on the road? See more »