Is the price right?
Family looking at car with price sticker

Check out a few different sources before buying to ensure that you're getting a fair price on the vehicle.

Barry Austin Photography/Photodisc/Thinkstock

The rule of thumb is that a fully reconstructed salvage car is worth roughly 60 percent of a car of the same make, model and year with a clean title. So when buying a reconstructed car, start with the KBB or National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) value and multiply by 0.6. Is the asking price higher or lower? If lower, it's a good deal.

But that imagines that all the damage has been repaired, and this very well might not be the case. If you're buying a salvage car that hasn't yet been repaired -- or a car that's been repaired, but not to 100 percent of its full condition -- deduct the predicted cost of these repairs from the 0.6-times-the-KBB value.