The Fuel Issue
Classic car by fuel pump at country store

Does your classic car run on regular fuel? If not, it might be harder to get it out on the road.


One of the most exciting, infuriating and informational parts of car restoration is getting to know your engine intimately. We'll talk about the ins and outs of engines a bit later, but you should think seriously about the kind of fuel your car will need once it's up and running. Emissions regulations, gasoline or diesel makeup, and the other factors in getting your car going should all be major considerations.

Remember, a car is not equity: It's an ongoing expense. A reconditioned model is no different; in fact, it represents even more ongoing costs and repairs than a more recent vehicle. Depending on how often you plan to drive or exhibit the vehicle, you could end up with major changes to the car's fuel system, which means changing out fuel lines, the way the engine runs and even the way the car's electric system works. All of this should come into account before you've laid down the first dollar on your hobby machine.