Specialized/Proprietary Tools
Man repairing classic car with toolbox

Finding the right tools for repairing an older car can sometimes be difficult.


Much like furniture often comes packaged with its own Allen wrenches and similarly specialized assembly equipment, these classic models can sometimes demand a specialized or outdated system of tools to be repaired and renewed. While a handy workman can figure out ways to make do, for the novices among us it's possible that jerry-rigging a solution in pursuit of a better look or faster fix could end up costing more than the time it takes to understand the way a machine or engine was built in the first place.

We're not suggesting that you seek out period-appropriate tools -- that would be cost- and effort-prohibitive in most cases -- but that you remember where your classic came from, why and how it was designed, and how to take those factors into account when determining how you're going to rebuild. If you don't know the "why," it will be a lot harder to make sense of the "how," and in the end you could damage your project --or even yourself -- by making assumptions.