DVD Players and Screens
DVD player

DVD players are ideal for families with kids to entertain.


If you're going for all-out luxury with your car's audio system, look no further than a DVD player. DVD players consist of several parts and are ideal for families with kids to entertain. One component of the DVD player is a receiver. The GPS receivers we mentioned earlier sometimes include DVD support, which makes sense; the GPS head units typically include a large screen that would work for DVD playback [source: Billmeier].

Backseat DVD systems are typically installed in the driver and passenger headrests. If you don't want to go out and buy a brand-new luxury car with an integrated DVD system, consider buying one that can mount on a headrest. Many companies even sell detachable headrests with the screens already installed.

Despite the luxury and expense of mobile DVD systems, we may not see them in cars for much longer. Portable devices like smart phones and tablets offer individuals their own screens to use for movies or games. But if you decide to go with an in-dash GPS or DVD receiver, your car audio system should be able to handle virtually any media you throw at it.