Utility Trailers
Truck pulling trailer on highway

Think twice before towing a trailer -- they're one of the deadliest car accessories on the market.


Is an add-on car or truck trailer really an accessory? For the purpose of this article, yes, mainly because it's one of the most deadly post-market add-ons any vehicle can take on. USA Today reports that more than one person per day is killed in the United States due to crashes in or with passenger vehicles towing trailers [source: Copeland]. The highest cause of trailer fatality is when poorly secured trailers break loose and careen or roll into traffic. This means that when you tow a trailer, it's usually not your own life you're taking into your hands. It's the lives of random passing motorists who may be unprepared for your trailer to come skidding through a red light.

Also, drivers who only tow trailers once in a blue moon are likely to forget the trailer is there, meaning that they forget to take the extra length of the vehicle into account when turning or changing lanes.