Musical Car Horn
Woman's hand hitting car horn

Musical car horns can be very disctracting to other drivers -- stick with the classic honk your car comes with!


There are a number of ways to make nearly any song you want come out of your smart phone. Now the same is true of car horns. For example, the Web site zercustoms.com allows you to install and then download a car horn system that plays selections from a variety of themes, including Christmas, reggae or tailgate. Some musical car horns are even set up to play MP3s [source: GizMike].

Note that these systems are different from car PA systems, in which you play or speak whatever you like through a handheld microphone system. No, these musical car horns augment or replace your car's existing horn.

Imagine a driver drifting into your lane on the freeway, at which point you go to warn him with your horn -- only it plays Lady Gaga. Do you think this driver is more likely to get out of the way immediately or to be distracted and make a critical error? There are enough distractions on the road without adding musical horns to the mix.

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