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In the developing world, access to potable water is a big issue, but it's not just staying hydrated that proves difficult. Even access to washing water can be limited, requiring women and children to carry heavy loads of laundry across long distances. Enter the Swirl.

A multi-colored, multi-functional device, the Swirl, designed by designaffairs STUDIO, is meant to make doing laundry just a little easier. For washing, the ball is loaded with dirty laundry and carried to the water source. Once filled with water, washing happens simply by rolling it home; as the user walks and rolls the ball, the rotation washes and scrubs the clothes. Put the ball in the midst of a congregation of children, and the laundry might get done as part of a soccer game.

But it's not all fun and games. The Swirl also doubles as a water carrying device, making a positive impact on the daily livelihoods of those that live in remote areas far from water; the device is both functional and empowering.

Design STUDIO also designed the Swirl with the community in mind, making the aim of the device to "enhance a social cultural relationship between women and children." Making a stronger connection within communities is an essential part of sustainable development and makes this simple design certainly an ingenious one.