Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images


The election is over. If your candidate won, you may want to flaunt your '08 bumper sticker for a few weeks before taking it off. If your candidate lost, you might want to hide that bumper sticker as soon as possible. In any case, you don't want to be that person still flying a Perot/Stockdale sticker decades after the fact. That sticker has to be removed.

What you'll need:

- Vinegar or Olive Oil

- Spatula or Razor Blade

Step One:

Thoroughly wipe the bumper sticker with vinegar until the campaign sticker is soaked clean through. Let the vinegar stand for a few minutes. Acetic acid

Step Two:

Once the bumper sticker has been treated with olive oil or vinegar, pick up your spatula. Carefully scrape the bumper sticker off of the car. Be very careful not to scratch the metal. I recommend the spatula, because the edges are duller.

Step Three:

Once the bumper sticker is removed, you will want to recycle it. Most bumper stickers are made primarily of vinyl. They can be recycled with other vinyl materials.