"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race," H.G. Wells once said.

The Sierra Club says that the humble bicycle may turn out to be the 19th century's greatest gift to the modern era. In the book, [i]The Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet[]/i (Sightline, 2008), Eric Sorenson concurs:

"People and bikes were made for each other. The bicycle is a wonder of physics. It harnesses human muscle power directly to old time marvel - the wheel - and yields a vehicle more energy efficient than any other devised, ever, by anyone...The bicycle costs pennies per mile...It emits no greenhouse gases, local pollutants, or engine noise."

You've chosen a healthy, low-carbon alternative transportation, and are enjoying the monetary benefits of joining the two-wheel commuters. What more can be said about this eco-wonder? How about the non-style of utilitarian biking necessities? Plain leather and gel bike seats are bland. And, let's just say that the basic bike helmet, with its non-style, can really do a number on your hair.

WATCH VIDEO: Watch how to bike better with a used bike.

Want to improve the look of your ride? If so, there's an artist and bike company dedicated to bringing some chic style to your eco-ride.

Bike Accessories For Riding In Style

These bike saddles from leather artist Kara Ginther, are almost too beautiful to sit on. Kara Ginther, carves each seat and believes it is important to maintain the hand of the artist in her unique designs. These saddles are truly functional art. Would you sidle your butt up to one of these beauties, or hang them up on your wall?

The British biking site, 50 Cycles offers what they consider, "brainware for smart people." The YAKKAY cycle helmet protects your head, your skin and is, Oh, so chic. It can be fitted with a range of stylish covers, making it a peaked cap or a sun hat, each in several different colors and fabrics.

DIY Messenger Bike Bag

Get ready to hit the streets in your own smart style. Make a personalized Messenger Bike Bag and store all your possessions made by you! Make magazine provides this great reuse project that shows you how to make a Messenger Bike Bag from plastic bags:

Download pdf instructions here.