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From Boulder, Colorado to Belleville, New Jersey to Tupelo, Mississippi, kids arrived at school today on foot.

Even "surf celebs" joined in the walking-to-school fun.

Today is Walk to School Day—actually part of Walk to School month—and we've recognized it before, but it's such a great idea that it seemed worth celebrating the large number of schools (more than 3,000) that are doing it around the country. (And around the world.)

As if you need them, the official site provides four of the biggest reasons to walk to school:

1. to create safer routes.

2. to engage kids of all abilities.

3. to enhance kids' health.

4. to improve the environment.

But why limit it to just today? Some schools don't—even when school is too far to walk to.

From a school in Lafayette, Colorado:

We encourage participation by offering volunteers stationed at designated sites where families can meet to walk/ride together to school every Wednesday. This year we are using a punchcard to keep track of participation and award incentives. Many of our staff walk or ride and we try to model this transportation choice for our children as parents.

To learn more about other schools that encourage their kids to walk, or ideas for events to encourage your own community to do the same, visit walktoschool.org.