In the biggest ironic headline of the year (so far), the world's greenest parking facility will soon be open at Denver International Airport (DIA), the largest and fifth-busiest airport in the country.

You feel the size of DIA when you start the approach from the highway, at which point the exit sign tells you to drive for another 10 miles. You don't see much during those 10 miles, except some car rentals, maybe a hotel—and plenty of room for expansion. Which may or may not happen, but some green developers believe it will, and they're undertaking a 4,200-space parking facility to help prepare for (and promote, presumably) just that.

The parking lot will be built with LEED gold-certification principles and will include such features as: alternatively fueled shuttle vans, porous pavement, natural landscaping, and geothermal energy. There will be electric vehicle solar-charging stations, a solar farm and wind turbine farm, and a Green Private Car Service (still not joking), where London Cabs have been modified to run on biodiesel.

"Green Park DIA" will also be equipped to harness landfill-produced methane gas and convert it into natural gas for on-site energy needs.

The park is scheduled to open this fall. No word on how much the green features offset the, um, carbon emissions from the flights you're probably taking in order to use it, but at least it's a start.