Internal machining on the rear sprocket matches the design of the rear wheel. Red chain and axle cover put a colorful finishing touch on pieces that normally detract from the overall look.

Spoon Chopper Pictures

The Spoon is a true custom motorcycle with a Harley-Davidson engine and a rearview video camera. Below are more pictures and details of this unusual chopper.

Wicked Bros. exhaust pipes join in an unusual side-by-side design. A spire matching those used on footpegs and control pedals tops the air cleaner.

The image from the rearview camera is displayed on a video screen frenched into the top of the fuel tank.


Machined accents -- many quite elaborate -- dress the cylinders, primary-drive cover, and frame downtube.


Spire-topped footpegs and control pedals follow a theme carried throughout the bike.

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