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Hot Rod Pictures

Check out these hot rod pictures from howstuffworks.

Hot Rod Profiles

Get hot rod profiles and photos for dozens of exciting hot rods, including hopped-up racers from the 1930s to modern high-tech rods.

History of Hot Rods & Customs

The first hot rods were cheap Model Ts fitted with speed parts. Learn about the evolution of hot rods and hot rodding from the 1930s to today.

Eclipse: Profile of a Hot Rod

The Eclipse straddled the line between a custom car and a hot rod. Learn more about this marvelous award-winning hot rod and builder Ray Farhner.

The Deucari: Profile of a Hot Rod

To create the Deucari, Brian Burnett combined the power of a Ferrari engine with the beauty of a Deuce roadster. Learn more about this hot rod.

Rod Riguez: Profile of a Hot Rod

The 'Rod'riguez is a Japanese hot rod. Learn more about the 'Rod'riguez and other hot rods.

Jakes Coupe: Profile of a Hot Rod

Because of its great style and craftsmanship, Jake's Coupe is considered one of the best hot rods ever built. Learn more about this 1973 hot rod.

The Avenger: Profile of a Hot Rod

The Avenger hot rod is the ultimate show car, a custom marvel. See photos and learn more about this custom 1932 Ford coupe built by Don Tognotti.

Ivo T: Profile of a Hot Rod

The custom hot rod Ivo T was created by actor/racer "TV" Tommy Ivo in the 1950s. Learn about the hot rod's origin and see photos in this article.

Burk Roadster: Profile of a Hot Rod

Dave Burk built his 1928-style Ford Model A roadster hot rod by himself. Learn more about the Burk Roadster and other hot rods.

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