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Ford Muscle Cars

After a slow start, Ford muscle cars became some of the top performers of the muscle car era. Check out profiles of the toughest Ford muscle cars.

1933 Ford Cabriolet

The V-8 Cabriolet, with its sleek lines and styling, marked the end of Ford's line of 4-cylinder cars. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1969 Ford Talladega

The 1969 Ford Talladega was the street version of a NASCAR racer. Learn more about this unusual muscle car, including photos and specifications.

Ford Verve Concept

Introduced at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show was the subcompact Ford Verve Concept.

How the Ford Escape Hybrid Works

The Ford Escape Hybrid offers fuel economy combined with horsepower and cargo space. Find out about the Ford Escape Hybrid's full hybrid system and features.

1962-1964 Ford

Although often overlooked, the 1962-1964 Ford engines were a powerful bunch. Learn about the 390 Thunderbird Special and other Ford engines.

1964 Ford Thunderbolt

The 1964 Ford Thunderbolt stuffed a 427 V-8 in a midsize body to defend the blue oval's honor. Learn if it did, see photos, and scan specifications.

How Ford Sync Works

Ford Sync enables cell phones and MP3 players to stay connected in your car with the touch of a button. Learn about this new technology.

1959 Ford Thunderbird

The 1959 Ford Thunderbird had a bigger body, rear seats, luxury appointments, and the addition of a hardtop. Learn about this classic convertible.

How the Ford SynUS Works

When you're done with the nasal-congestion jokes (it's actually pronounced sin-you-ehs) and take a good look at this concept car, you'll be either giddy or horrified. Check out the future of city driving.

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