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How Ford Works

Ford Motor Company skyrocketed from obscurity to dominate the American auto industry in less than 12 years. Learn about Ford history and Ford cars.

How the Ford Thunderbird Works

The Ford Thunderbird came about in 1955 as a counter to Chevrolet's Corvette. Learn about the origins and history of the Ford Thunderbird.

1959 Ford Ranchero

The 1959 Ford Ranchero pickup was the last Ranchero based on a full-size Ford. See pictures and learn about the 1959 Ford Ranchero car-pickup hybrid.

1949 Ford

The 1949 Ford origins stretch all the way back to infighting between Henry and Edsel Ford in the early '40s. Learn about the origins of the 1949 Ford.

1970 Ford Ranchero

The 1970 Ford Ranchero car-pickups went from mild to muscle car wild. See pictures and learn about the Ford Torino-based midsize 1970 Ford Ranchero.

1951 Ford Pickup

The 1951 Ford pickup truck sported a toothy new grille and other distinctive details. Get more information on the 1951 Ford pickup, and see pictures.

1939 Ford Deluxe

The 1939 Ford Deluxe, featuring new hydraulic brakes, was the carmaker's most popular model of the year. Learn about the 1939 Ford Deluxe.

Ford Trucks

For over 100 years, Ford has built America's favorite trucks. Explore this article to read about and look at dozens of memorable Ford trucks.

1937-1938 Ford

The 1937-1938 Ford lineup caused quite a stir, beginning with the spectacular introduction of the 1937 models. Follow the 1937-1938 Ford story.

Ford Mustang Specifications

Check out Ford Mustang specifications for every model since 1965. These specifications include details such as engine types and production totals.

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