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1948-1952 Ford F-Series Trucks

Ford F-Series trucks were introduced in 1948 and have enjoyed half a century of popularity. Find photos and facts for 1948-1952 Ford F-Series trucks.

1963 Studebaker Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept

The 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse pickup truck concept was Studebaker's desperate last hope. Learn about the 1963 Studebaker Westinghouse pickup truck.

How Wind Tunnel Testing Shaped Vintage Dream Cars

How did wind tunnel testing shape concept cars of the past? Learn more about wind tunnel testing and dream cars in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

1928 Chevrolet Pickup

The 1928 Chevrolet pickup truck boasted standard four-wheel brakes. See pictures and get more details about the classic 1928 Chevrolet pickup.

1951 Ford Pickup

The 1951 Ford pickup truck sported a toothy new grille and other distinctive details. Get more information on the 1951 Ford pickup, and see pictures.

1937 GMC Pickup

Art-deco design cues of the 1937 GMC pickup included an intricate grille and sweeping lines. See pictures and learn about the elegant 1937 GMC pickup.

1938 Dodge RC Pickup

The 1938 Dodge RC pickup featured solid construction and straightforward styling. Get information on the 1938 Dodge RC pickup, including pictures.

1961 Studebaker Champ

The 1961 Studebaker Champ pickup's nose was borrowed from the Studebaker Lark compact car. See pictures and learn about the 1961 Studebaker Champ.

1959 Ford Ranchero

The 1959 Ford Ranchero pickup was the last Ranchero based on a full-size Ford. See pictures and learn about the 1959 Ford Ranchero car-pickup hybrid.

1970 Ford Ranchero

The 1970 Ford Ranchero car-pickups went from mild to muscle car wild. See pictures and learn about the Ford Torino-based midsize 1970 Ford Ranchero.

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