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Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is acclaimed the world's best all-around sports car. Find out why in this detailed history packed with pictures and specifications.

Porsche 911 History

For more than 40 years, the Porsche 911 has amazed sports-car buyers and critics alike. Learn about the 911's many series and models here.

Porsche 911 Pictures and Specifications

The legendary Porsche 911 is a smooth, sleek dream of a sports car. Follow the evolution of the 911 over the years with pictures and specifications.

Porsche 928 History

The Porsche 928 began as a potential replacement for the Porsche 911. Learn about engineering innovations in the Porsche 928.

Porsche Cars

Porsche cars come alive in this history of all production models, starting with the first Porsche 356. Check out these articles, pictures, and specs.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is what happens when a sports car maker builds an SUV. Learn about its development, design, and performance, and see pictures.

Porsche 914 History

The Porsche 914 was designed to replace the 912, and to be an affordable counterpart to the 911. Follow the 914's development into a Porsche classic.

Porsche 959 History

The Porsche 959 was considered the ultimate sports car when it debuted in 1987-88. Find out why in this informative article, only at HowStuffWorks.

Porsche Boxster History

The Porsche Boxster debuted in 1997 as the new entry-level Porsche and became a sports-car classic. Check out this illustrated history of the Boxster.

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 was a prospective replacement for the rear-engine Porsche 911. Learn why the great front-engine 928 never met that potential.

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