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How Mercury Cars Work

For much of its life, Mercury has built cars that are upscale versions of Fords. Find out more about Mercury's origins and models like the Cougar.

Mercury Muscle Cars

Mercury, Ford's upscale division, was an unlikely entry into the muscle car market. Learn about Mercury muscle cars such as the 1970 Cyclone Spoiler.

Matranga Mercury: Profile of a Custom Car

The Matranga Mercury was one of the first custom car masterpieces created by Barris Kustoms. Learn about this influential 1940 Mercury custom car.

Westergard Mercury: Profile of a Custom Car

The Westergard Mercury was created by the grandfather of customizing, Harry Westergard. See the cutting-edge modifications made to this custom car.

Buddy Alcorn Mercury: Profile of a Custom Car

The Buddy Alcorn Mercury was one of the best-executed custom cars of its time. Learn about this 1950 Mercury custom car created by the Ayala brothers.

Ohanesian 1940 Mercury: Profile of a Custom Car

The Ohanesian 1940 Mercury combine good design sense and quality craftsmanship. Learn about this winning custom car restyled by Dick Bertolucci.

1966 Mercury S-55

With its clean looks and relative rarity, the 1966 Mercury S-55 is a great collectible car. Learn more about this muscle car from the 1960s.

1950 Mercury

The 1950 Mercury offered plenty of customized features inside and out, from the roof coverings to the seats. Check out the beautiful 1950 Mercury.

1941-1942 Mercury

The 1941-1942 Mercury was the last Mercury made before the war. Learn more about the specifications of this relatively rare collectible muscle car.

1962-1963 Mercury S-55

The 1962 Mercury S-55 was the best of Mercury's 1962 sporty car bunch. Learn more about the 1962 Mercury S-55 and see photos.

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