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1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron

The 1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron was a luxurious addition to the Imperial premium series. Learn more about the tasteful 1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron.

1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron

The 1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron was an incredibly luxurious alternative to standard Imperials. Check of the hard-to-find 1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron.

1949-1954 Chrysler Imperial

The 1949-1954 Chrysler Imperial was known for its excellent engineering and craftsmanship. Learn more about the 1949-1954 Chrysler Imperial.

1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron

The 1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron was loaded with high-grade accessories and power assists. Learn more about the lavish 1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron.

1964-1970 Imperial Crown

The 1964-1970 Imperial Crown sported a crisp, conservative look not seen in this line before. Learn about the smooth-riding 1964-1970 Imperial Crown.

1960-1963 Imperial Crown

The 1960-1963 Imperial Crowns were the last styled by Virgil Exner. Learn about these high luxury collectibles with classic era details.

1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial

The 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial was the largest, most luxurious car of the period. Discover the impressive 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial.

1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Phaeton

The 1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Phaeton is considered to be among the company's most beautiful creations. See pictures of this handsome machine.

1931-1933 Chrysler Imperial Eight

The 1931-1933 Chrysler Imperial Eight cemented Chrysler's luxury-car credentials. Check out this profile, pictures, and specs for the Imperial Eight.

1950 Chrysler Town & Country Newport

The 1950 Chrysler Town & Country Newport was the last of its breed. Discover more about the hard-to-find 1950 Chrysler Town & Country Newport.

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