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How Hudson Cars Work

An early success for the Hudson company was the low-priced four-cylinder 1919 Hudson Essex. Read about the cars of Hudson's origin in this article.

1941-1947 Hudson

The 1941-1947 Hudson models saw the automaker through a challenging era in its history. Learn how Hudson fared before, during, and after World War II.

1954 Hudson Italia

The 1954 Hudson Italia was impractical, but Hudson built it anyway, in hopes of generating good publicity. Learn more about the 1954 Hudson Italia.

1950 Hudson Commodore

The 1950 Hudson Commodore set a new standard for postwar luxury automobile design. See pictures and a profile of the 1950 Hudson Commodore.

1954-1955 Hudson Italia

The 1954-1955 Hudson Italia cashed in on the 1950s craze for sports cars and Italian products. See pictures and a profile of the 1954-1955 Hudson Italia.

1954 Hudson Jet-Liner

The 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner was the best and last of the Hudson Jets. Get details on this ’54 collectible car designed by Frank Spring.

1952-1954 Hudson Wasp

The 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp was an easy-to-handle step-down design. Get details on the full line of collectible Hudson Wasps that debuted in 1952.

1953-1954 Hudson Jet

The awkward styling of the 1953-1954 Hudson Jet kept it from being a success despite excellent performance. Follow this piece of automotive history.

1954 Hudson Hornet Brougham

The 1954 Hudson Hornet Brougham was Hudson's last hope in the face of poor sales. Learn about this classic 'Step-down' convertible, including photos.

1955-1957 Hudson Hornet

The 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet design was a result of the American Motors merger. Read why this legendary car is sometimes called the “Hash.”

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