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1954 Hudson Hornet Brougham

The 1954 Hudson Hornet Brougham was Hudson's last hope in the face of poor sales. Learn about this classic 'Step-down' convertible, including photos.

1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Six

The 1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Six was a more lushly appointed version of the Super Six. Get production details on this great collectible car.

1948-1949 Hudson Super Six

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six was one of the great designs of the early postwar years. Get details about this exceptional collectible car.

1953-1954 Hudson Super Jet

The 1953-1954 Hudson Super Jet was an upper-class version of the Jet compact. Get production details on this collectible sedan.

1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight

The 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight was a big, handsome car, and quite contemporary for its time. Get details on this solid collectible.

1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight featured great Step-Down design and eight-cylinder performance. Get details on this collectible car here.

1953-1955 Nash and Hudson Ramblers

The 1953-1955 Nash and Hudson Rambler evolved to become the first U.S. compact car. Find a profile and pictures of the 1953-1955 Nash and Hudson Rambler.

1953-1954 Hudson Super Wasp

The 1953-1954 Hudson Super Wasp was a luxury design in the Hudson series. Read about the Super Wasp convertible and Hollywood hardtop.

1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Eight

The 1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Eight was a top-of-the-line luxury car with smooth roadability. Learn more about this classic collectible.

1946-1947 Hudson Commodore Eight

The 1946-1947 Hudson Commodore Eight was the top-line series in Hudson’s post-war lineup. Get model details on this big eight collectible here.

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