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How Frazer Cars Work

The Frazer company was a marriage of Joseph Frazer's sales skill and Henry J. Kaiser's resources. Learn how this partnership worked out.

1940s and 1950s Kaiser-Frazer Concept Cars

Many 1940s and 1950s Kaiser-Frazer concept cars were never built due to infighting. Check out 1940s and 1950s Kaiser-Frazer concept cars and see pictures.

1947 Frazer Standard

The 1947 Frazer Standard from Kaiser-Frazer is an extremely rare collectible car with historic value. Learn more about the 1947 Frazer Standard.

1951 Frazer Standard

The Frazer Standard series for 1951 was the base model for Kaiser-Frazer's last model year. Learn more about the 1951 Frazer Standard.

1949 Frazer Manhattan

Upstart company Frazer sought to make a postwar splash with its 1949 Frazer Manhattan. Learn about the fate of this rare classic convertible.

1948-1956 Frazer Nash

The 1948-1956 Frazer Nash was a high-performance car that's now highly collectible -- and hard to find. Learn all about the 1948-1956 Frazer Nash.

1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan

The 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan is a historically significant, high-quality collectible car. Learn more about the 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan.

1949-1950 Frazer Manhattan

The 1949-1950 Manhattan was the last car approved by Joseph W. Frazer as president of Kaiser-Frazer. Learn more about the 1949-1950 Frazer Manhattan.

1950 Frazer Manhattan Convertible

The 1950 Kaiser Manhattan convertible was the first convertible of the postwar era. See pictures and a profile of the 1950 Kaiser Manhattan convertible.

1930-1939 Frazer Nash Chain-Drive Models

Frazer-Nash's prewar chain-drive automobiles are rugged cars with a lot of collector appeal. Learn about 1930-1939 Frazer Nash chain-drive models.

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