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1940-1948 Dodge

From its early days as an independent to its merger with Chrysler, Dodge has produced quality cars. Find out what makes the 1940-1948 Dodge special.

1963 Dodge 426 Ramcharger

The all-out 1963 Dodge 426 Ramcharger had aluminum front fenders and twin ram-inducted four-barrel carbs. Learn more about this tough contender.

1942 Dodge Custom

While WWII cut the model year short, Dodge still turned heads with its 1942 Dodge Custom convertible. Learn more about this classic convertible.

History of the Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper went from an auto-show concept to dealership showrooms in only three years. Read about the incredible history of the Dodge Viper.

1949-1952 Dodge Wayfarer

The 1949-1952 Dodge Wayfarer was a stunning success, with eye-catching styling at a relatively low price. Learn more about these collectible cars.

1971 Dodge Demon 340

Advertised as a 'tough little devil,' the 1971 Dodge Demon 340 was a light, inexpensive performance alternative. Get detailed specs for the Demon.

1950 Dodge Coronet Diplomat

The 1950 Dodge Coronet Diplomat was Dodge's first pillarless hardtop. Learn more about this classic car.

1958-1960 Dodge Pickup

The 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup, with its numerous redesigns, is representative of a significant styling interlude. Read about this classic car.

1971 Dodge Charger Hemi

The 1971 Dodge Charger Hemi was a radically new Chrysler intermediate with an elongated “Coke bottle” shape. Get detailed specs on this muscle car.

1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi

The 1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi boasted blistering acceleration and was called one of the fastest sedans ever. Learn more about this Dodge powerhouse.

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