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How the Bugatti Veyron Works

Welcome to the height of high-performance: The Bugatti Veyron's 16-cylinder monster engine produces 1,001 horsepower for a top speed of more than 250 mph. And it's a passenger car. Check out the Bugatti.

1926-1932 Bugatti Type 41 Royale

The 1926-1932 Bugatti Type 41 Royales were ultra-exclusive cars that cost the equivalent of half a million dollars by today's standards. Learn more.

1930-1934 Bugatti Type 49

The 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 49 -- a designated CCCA Classic car -- is certainly collectible. Learn more about "big character" car.

1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50

The 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50 has been labeled “mechanically complex” -- a car best appreciated by the sportsman. Learn more about this expensive car.

1932-1935 Bugatti Type 55

The 1932-1935 Bugatti Type 55 is rare -- only 35 were produced, making it extremely expensive to buy. Learn more about this classic car.

1966 Exner Bugatti Roadster by Ghia

The 1966 Exner Bugatti Roadster by Ghia was born of a legendary team. Learn about the history and design of the 1966 Exner Bugatti Roadster by Ghia.

1930-1931 Bugatti Type 43/43A

The 1930-1931 Bugatti Type 43/43A -- a CCCA Classic -- came from a famous line of racing cars. Learn more about this fantastic car.

1934-1940 Bugatti Type 57/57C

The 1934-1940 Bugatti Type 57/57C features beautiful styling and a strong engine. Find out more about this collectible CCCA Classic car.

1936-1938 Bugatti Type 57S/SC

The 1936-1938 Bugatti Type 57S/SC, with its sexy styling, is as desirable today as it was in the past. Learn more about this collectible car.

Classic Car Pictures

Classic car pictures showcase some of the rarest most sought after classic cars from various automakers. View pictures of collectible classic cars.

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