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The Austin-Healeys were popular sports cars from the 1950s until the mid-1960s. Learn about various models like the 100/4, the Sprite, and the 3000.

1953-1967 Austin-Healey 100 and 3000

The first Austin-Healey BN1 cars were built in 1953 as part of Donald Healey's increased production. Read about the 1953 Austin-Healey.

1961-1971 Austin-Healey Sprite (&MG Midget)

The 1961-1971 Austin-Healey Sprite (& MG Midget) was affordable to buy and run yet came with a bumpy ride. Learn more about this collectible car.


The Jensen-Healey should have been a success, but troubles plagued this roadster. Learn about the troubles Jensen-Healey had with this sports car.


The self-titled Nash-Healey endured over many years of production, but never quite caught on. Learn more about Nash-Healey sports cars.

1950 Healey Silverstone

The 1950 Healey Silverstone was made by a race car driver and named for a famous racetrack. Find out if the Silverstone lived up to its heritage.

1951-1955 Nash-Healey

The 1951-1955 Nash-Healey was born of an international collaboration headed by George Mason. See photos and learn more about this sports car here.

1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT

Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT cars had a short and troubled run. Find history and specifications for the 1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT.

1952-1959 Allard Palm Beach

The 1952-1959 Allard Palm Beach was a lighter, cheaper alternative to the company's V-8-powered roadsters. Find out about this classic car.

1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe

The 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe was the stylish result of pairing BMC with Italy's Innocenti. See the rare 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe.

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