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Alfa Romeo Sports Cars

Alfa Romeo has made sports cars with sleek designs and excellent handling since 1950. Learn about Alfa Romeo’s history and its renown sports cars.

Triumph Sports Cars

Triumph sports cars run the gamut, from the affordable Spitfires to the sporty TR models. Find photos and specs of Triumph's best in this article.

What will race cars look like in 2025?

What will race cars look like in 2025? Check out what some of today's top designers think race cars could look like in 2025.

Ferrari Road Cars

Ferrari road cars are the ultimate in driving excitement. Here are profiles and pictures of dozens of Ferrari road cars from 1947 to today.

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar cars are sexy beasts; here are some of the fastest and most exciting. Check out illustrated profiles of the Jaguar XKE, D-Type, and others.

How Sports Cars Work

When the automobile sputtered to life in the 1880s, the sports car wasn't far behind. Learn about the history of sports cars from the 1940s to today.

How American Austin Cars Work

American Austin made midget cars, more than a foot shorter than the VW Beetle. Learn why even a starring movie role couldn't sell American Austins.

What is a stock car?

Stock cars have become a phenomenon in racing. Learn all about stock cars at HowStuffWorks.

AMC Muscle Cars

AMC muscle cars, which became popular in the late 1960s, combined power and high performance. Check out the most famous AMC muscle cars.

Limelighter: Profile of a Custom Car

The Limelighter, a Bill Cushenbery custom creation, cost $10,000 to built in 1964. Learn more about this custom car and see photos.

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