Green Scooter Safety Tips

Be safe on your scooter!

Mark Thomas/Getty Images

Vespa has concluded via survey that nearly 30 percent of Americans are currently open to riding a scooter. This can be verified by Consumer Reports who reports the overall scooter market has risen 24% over the course of the past year. Most would agree that current gas prices are the main factor that has warmed so many peoples hearts to these two wheel wonders of gas consumption.

With this many new riders on our roads, and the promise of probably even more to come over the course of the next few years, it is important that these new riders be aware of two-wheel bike safety. A rider on any two wheel vehicle is up to 34 times more likely to be a fatality if involved in an accident on the road.

As cute and innocent as these scooters appear, they are still just as dangerous as a motorcycle in many ways and deserve the proper respect and execution of safety practices. To keep all of our newly found riders safe, we remind them the importance of taking a proper riding class and offer a few tips on scooter and motorcycle safety.