What have your favorite modern cars been over the last few decades? Maseratis and Lamborghinis? MINI Coopers and Jeeps? Learn about all your favorites in our modern cars section.
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1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III

The 1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III was extensively modified from structure to style. Discover more about the stylish 1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III and learn about this graceful auto’s pros cons specifications production facts and more.

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    Favorite Cars Quiz

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  • How a Concours d'Elegance Works

    How a Concours d'Elegance Works

    Similar to other auto shows, the cars are the stars at any Concours d'Elegance event. But that's where the similarities end. Concours d'Elegance shows are truly unique for many reasons. See more »

  • How Hummers Work

    How Hummers Work

    The Hummer, or Humvee, has made a huge impact on military applications as well as civilian lifestyles. It's both utilitarian workhorse and the ultimate expression of machismo. See more »

  • How the iQ Car Works

    How the iQ Car Works

    As highways get more crowded and gas more expensive, there's one kind of car that looks more attractive: the minicar. Toyota's iQ Car takes "mini" to the next level. See more »

  • How the MINI Cooper Works

    How the MINI Cooper Works

    Occasionally, a car design comes along that somehow remains relatively untouched for decades. These cars can garner a loyal band of supporters and enthusiasts whose passion for the model might seem, to an outsider, to go well beyond the merits of the car itself.  See more »

  • North American International Auto Show 2001

    North American International Auto Show 2001

    The North American International Auto Show kicks off the year with amazing concept cars and hundreds of innovations. Get daily coverage and a front-row seat at the unveilings! See more »

  • The Ultimate GM Quiz

    The Ultimate GM Quiz

    General Motors has released countless models, weathered a Great Depression, and survived two World Wars (and supplied tanks for them). Think you know one of the world's most recognizable car manufacturers? Find out in this Ultimate GM Quiz. See more »

  • What's the world's cheapest car?

    What's the world's cheapest car?

    A car for $2,500 has to be a joke, right? Wrong. Meet the Nano from Tata Motors, the world's cheapest car and the auto industry's answer to the $100 laptop. See more »

  • 1969-1973 Plymouth

    1969-1973 Plymouth

    Plymouth designers created a low but thick "armored car" appearance for their 1969-1973 line. These full-size models faced some interesting competition during this period-- a popular, new, and rather unwelcome internal rival, the Dodge Dart. See more »

  • 1970-1997 Volkswagen Beetle

    1970-1997 Volkswagen Beetle

    The beloved 1970-1997 Volkswagen Beetle would be regulated out of existence in some countries and outsold in others by more modern, small cars. Read how the 1970s Beetle played an important role in emerging economies just like the original. See more »

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