Do you love the 1930s Citroen Traction Avant or 1950s and 1960s Bentleys? Learn about these and cars like the Lagonda, the Nova, the Thunderbird and classic Jaguars.

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1955-1965 Bentley S-Type

The 1955-1965 Bentley S-Type offered superb luxury with high-quality construction. It was a "grille-engineered" version of the concurrent Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Learn about the 1955-1965 Bentley S-Type luxury car.

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  • 1965-1982 Avanti II
    1965-1982 Avanti II

    The 1965-1982 Avanti II offered sensational styling and smooth performance. This car was a affordable early on and only a bit less so through the '70s due to inflation. Learn about this classic car. See more »

  • 1976-1990 Lagonda
    1976-1990 Lagonda

    The 1976-1990 Lagonda was one of the world's fastest four-door sedans. Surprisingly only built at a rate of one per week discover more facts about this classic car's pluses minuses production facts specifications engine types and more. See more »

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