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Other British Sports Car Manufacturers

It’s easy to have a love affair with a sleek, cool British model. In this case, we’re talking Lotus Elites, Aston Martins, Austin-Healys, Triumphs, MGs, among others.

MG Sports Cars

MG sports cars built in Britain range from the T-Series to the modern-day MGF, and were considered to be the very definition of happy motoring. Learn about the MG history and some of their most popular cars.

Lotus Sports Cars

Lotus, founded by Britain's Colin Chapman, makes some of the finest sports cars in the world. Learn about the evolution of Lotus sports cars. See more »


The Austin-Healeys were popular sports cars from the 1950s until the mid-1960s. Learn about various models like the 100/4, the Sprite, and the 3000. See more »

Triumph Sports Cars

Triumph sports cars run the gamut, from the affordable Spitfires to the sporty TR models. Find photos and specs of Triumph's best in this article. See more »

MG Sports Cars

MG sports cars, built in Britain, range from the T-Series to the modern-day MGF. Learn about the MG history and some of their most popular cars. See more »

Morgan Sports Cars

Morgan sports cars are built with old-fashioned styling and with a focus on demand -- only a small number of each have been built. Learn about Morgan automobiles. See more »

Citroen SM

The Citroën SM rose above its competitors – literally -- thanks to oleopneumatic suspension. Learn about the Citroën SM, including specs and photos. See more »

Allard Sports Cars

Made in England with Ford engines, Allard sports cars earned a place in the history of auto racing with their great speed and high style. Learn more. See more »

AC Sports Cars

From 1953 through 1973, AC made race cars that competed well on the race track but didn’t fare as well in the market. Learn more about AC sports cars. See more »

Bristol Sports Cars

Bristol began as an aircraft-engine maker before switching to high-quality cars. Learn how Bristol transitioned to sports cars after World War II. See more »


The Jensen-Healey should have been a success, but troubles plagued this roadster. Learn about the troubles Jensen-Healey had with this sports car. See more »