The Opel 1900, Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado and Alfra Romeo are just a few cars in our Other Classic & Collectible Car Manufacturers Channel the 1970s models. View car photos, read histories and more.
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1969-1973 Imperial

The 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial was known for its fuselage theme because the cars called up images of aircraft. The car was meant to give buyers a sense of class and luxury. The Chrysler Imperial did just that. Read about 1969-1973 Imperials in this article.

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  • 1979-1982 Honda Prelude

    1979-1982 Honda Prelude

    The 1979-1982 Honda Prelude was a sports car that was easy to own and fun to drive. A solid Prelude will appreciate but a car needing restoration will never return your investment. Find out more about this practical and collectible car. See more »

  • 1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus

    1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus

    The 1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus offered terrific handling plus an ultra-strong engine. The car is not to be confused with the later Isuzu-built "Opels" from Japan. Learn more about these cars in this article. See more »

  • 1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7

    1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7

    The 1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7 was one of the last of Mercury‚Äôs Cougar convertibles. The Cougar was equipped with a detuned 351 with a maximum of 264 net bhp. Learn more about this classic convertible. See more »

  • 1974-1978 AMC Matador Coupes

    1974-1978 AMC Matador Coupes

    The 1974-1978 AMC Matador coupes were the replacement for the true hardtop coupe in AMC's mid-'70s mid-size line. They are known more as "cheap wheels" than bona fide collectibles. Learn about the AMC Matador coupes. See more »

  • 1968-1976 BMW 2002

    1968-1976 BMW 2002

    The 1968-1976 BMW 2002 is considered by some to be the best BMW ever built. It was the well-loved and highly successful version of BMW's smaller sedan. To many BMW fans the 2002 is the best car ever to come from Germany. Learn about this classic car. See more »

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