Karim's Pick: Dodge Super8 Hemi

Here are some of the coolest cars we saw at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Click on the ones you like for more information and pictures - we've also chosen our favorite cars. Or go to the next page for the overview of the show, and some neat pictures of the amazing press conferences we saw.

Kevin's Pick: BMW X Coupe

Marshall's Pick: The Ford EX

Ford Forty-Nine

Audi Steppenwolf

Luxury Trucks

Nissan Z

Mazda RX-8

Volvo Adventure

Volvo Safety Concept Car

GM Terracross

GM Sabia

Oldsmobile O4

Isuzu GBX

Buick Bengal

Jeep Willys Concept

Volkswagen Microbus

Chrysler Crossfire

2002 Ford Thunderbird

Infiniti FX45

Mitsubishi RPM7000

Cadillac Vizon

Mini Cooper

Low Mass Concept Car

2002 Jeep Liberty

Honda Model X