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It could be the fuel economy as high as 85 miles per gallon, or maybe it's that telltale rumble when the throttle is wide open. There's just something about motorcycles that thousands of folks can't resist.
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All Girls Garage: Building a Fab Table
If you're planning to open a shop that will be doing custom fab work, you're going to need a fabrication table. Watch and find out how to build your own.
All Girls Garage: Building a Fab Table
If you're planning to open a shop that will be doing custom fab work, you're going to need a fabrication table. Watch and find out how to build your own.
All Girls Garage: How to Repair a Motorcycle
When a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle arrives after suffering the impact of a low-speed crash, the All Girls Garage is ready to diagnose and fix the problem.
American Chopper: Amputation
After rushing his beloved mastiff to the vet, Senior learns that Gus' fracture may be due to a tumor ... and that Gus may lose his leg as a result.
American Chopper: An Odious Attitude
Paul Jr. Designs may not have a lot of employees, but that doesn't mean it's free from attitude ... at least when Odie is around.
American Chopper: Anti-Venom Bike Reveal
With his father nowhere to be found, Paul Teutul Jr. reveals the first bike he's built under his own name, the Anti-Venom Bike.
American Chopper: Anti-Venom's Paint
Five days before its unveil at Sturgis, Nub drops by Paul Jr. Designs with the Anti-Venom's crazy-awesome paint.
American Chopper: Artistic License Revoked
Frustrations flare when Paulie sees that Mikey's Jackson Pollock-inspired technique has splattered paint all over Paul Jr. Design's driveway.
American Chopper: Assembling the FaroArm
Junior and Vinnie unpack and assemble a prototype of the advanced FaroArm "The Edge," which FARO Technologies provided as inspiration for the bike they commissioned.
American Chopper: Blasting Doors Open
With a little mischief afoot, the OCC gang blows the doors open (literally) on Senior's office using a high-powered potato gun .
American Chopper: Chopper Reborn
The team behind American Chopper -- and Senior himself -- weigh in on the decision to resurrect the cancelled series as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.
American Chopper: Court Ruling
Paul Jr. receives a bit of good news from his attorney regarding Senior's lawsuit against him.
American Chopper: Crew OCC
American Chopper co-executive producer Adam Moyer explains some of the challenges he faces as the lead on the OCC production team.
American Chopper: Daddy Issues
Junior gives Mikey advice on how to approach a potential attempt to reconcile with Senior.
American Chopper: Deadline Danger
With issues mounting on the Bling Star quad bike, the threat of Junior missing his first deadline has become a very real possibility.
American Chopper: Duck and Cover
As an American Chopper crew member, you may have an opinion about who's right and who's wrong, but you have to just be objective and get the shot (and avoid flying objects).
American Chopper: Fathers And Sons
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Foreclosure?
After reading in a newspaper that OCC is facing foreclosure, Mikey breaks the news to Junior.
American Chopper: Getting Fired Up
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Hair Club Bike
Senior and the OCC team work swiftly in order to complete the Hair Club Bike in time for its unveil. See why all the polishing and custom pieces were worth it.
American Chopper: Hair Club Build
Wistful for their own hairlines of yore, OCC begins their design and build of the Hair Club bike.
American Chopper: Hairy Experience
During his tour of a Manhattan Hair Club facility, Senior witnesses an actual hair transplant and receives his own hair and scalp analysis.
American Chopper: HEADRUSH Bike Unveiled
HEADRUSH, which creates apparel for mixed-martial arts enthusiasts, asked for a bad-ass bike, and Paul Senior wasn't about to let them down.
American Chopper: Inflamitory Article
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Jason Cracks
When Senior describes the look of the in-progress Cell Buckle Bike as "cake decorator," a hurt Jason Pohl reacts in a manner even Junior never dared.
American Chopper: Junior's No. 1 Bike
And the number-one bike -- a true game-changer -- on Paul Jr.'s top 10 bikes list is ...
American Chopper: Junior's No. 8 Bike
See why the Comanche Bike made Junior's list of favorite bikes and hear about his amazing ride with a Comanche helicopter flying 100 feet away.
American Chopper: Killer Horsepower
OCC begins to assemble the Lawless Drag Bike, an electric motorcycle that will require 500 to 600 horsepower and weigh close to 1,000 pounds.
American Chopper: Lawless Drag Reveal
At Sturgis, Senior unveils the innovative -- and electric -- Lawless Drag Bike, whose power is quickly demonstrated by its owner, Shawn Lawless.
American Chopper: Lawless Racing
To demonstrate their level of performance, Shawn Lawless lets the OCC crew loose on some of his electric vehicles in the parking lot.
American Chopper: Lee Returns
Lee drops in on OCC, seeking advice from Senior on his new business.
American Chopper: Legal Concerns
Paul Senior meets with his lawyers to discuss issues with Joe Puliafico, an OCC ex-employee who -- despite a non-compete clause -- went to work for Paul Jr. Designs.
American Chopper: Location, Location, Location
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Locks of Love
When Vinnie's daughter Vanessa decides to donate her long hair to Locks of Love, Mikey joins her in the cause.
American Chopper: Meeting the Blackhawks
In the Windy City, Paul Teutul Sr. meets with Stanley Cup winners the Chicago Blackhawks, who want OCC to build them a bike.
American Chopper: Mikey's Therapy
Mikey Teutul talks to a counselor about his relationship with Senior and being caught between his father and his brother.
American Chopper: Missing The Old Bikes
With some sheet metal help from Brenden, Junior reminisces on his old OCC days and the bikes he built.
American Chopper: MMA at OCC
As work on the HEADRUSH Bike begins, MMA fighter Phil Davis drops in on Paul Senior's shop to give a little taste of his style in the ring and to exchange a few punches.
American Chopper: Music and Motorcycles
Star of the Discovery Channel series "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Jr. talks about unique motorcycles and how satellite radio has helped put music in motorcycles.
American Chopper: Nub's Pride
On the last day of the FARO Bike build, Nub delivers to Junior and Vinnie one of his favorite theme-bike paint jobs to date.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 1
Senior and Jason explain what differentiated OCC's Cadillac Bike from Paul Jr. Designs' and how visiting Cadillac's R&D facility helped in the design process.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 2
Hear Senior discuss his initial reaction to seeing Junior's bike at the unveil, and discover Rick's biggest challenge during the bike's fabrication.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 4
During the design phase, did OCC consider what Junior may come up with? And is the Cadillac Bike's paint TRULY a Cadillac color? Senior, Jason and Rick answer your questions.
American Chopper: OCC WyoTech Aftershow
Senior reveals what it's like to ride "uncomfortable as hell" rigids given his bad back, where he tends to test-ride bikes the most, and why he sometimes can't make an unveil.
American Chopper: On Deciding To Come Back
Vinnie discusses what made him decide to come back to the show.
American Chopper: On Disciplining
In this clip, Vinnie recounts Odie's tirade against the producer and the camera crew and the aftermath.
American Chopper: On Leaving OCC
Vinnie recalls his choice to walk away from OCC and what led him to his decision.
American Chopper: On Why The Popular Show
Vinnie discusses what makes the show popular and why it appeals to viewers.
American Chopper: Outside the Box
How do you take a little white box and turn it into an innovative chopper design that represents the brand of a cutting-edge medical diagnosis company? See how it's done.
American Chopper: Painstaking Paint
With only two days to complete the job, Nub of Nub Grafix finds there no way to get the effect of lizard skin for the Geico Bike ... except by hand-painting it.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul Sr Expresses Admiration
Star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul, Sr. is interviewed about what motorcycle builders he admires.
American Chopper: Picking Up Gus
After several days of not being able to see Gus, Senior and Beth go to the animal hospital to pick him up.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 1
Were Vinnie or Junior worried they'd chip the CTS-V taillights? (Yes.) During their Cadillac Bike design phase, did they consider what OCC may do? (No. Well, mostly.) Junior, Vinnie and Mikey answer YOUR questions.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 2
Vinnie and Junior reveal how their anxiety at the unveil -- in addition to the Cadillac Bike's lack of kickstand -- nearly ruined their big moment.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 3
In retrospect, does Junior think blacking out the shop windows was overkill? What did he think about Operation Deploy Sign? Junior responds, while Vinnie reveals his biggest challenge during the Cadillac Bike build.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 4
Get an update on Mikey's art gallery, and hear Junior's response when asked whether he thought Senior was proud of him at the Cadillac Bike unveil.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 5
After seeing OCC's bike, would Junior or Vinnie have done anything differently? What were their concerns going into the build-off, and would they do another? You asked; we have the answer.
American Chopper: PJD Winners and Losers Aftershow 1
Find out how the PJD crew celebrated their Chopper Live win and why Junior didn't call Senior after returning from Vegas, despite telling Senior he loved him on stage.
American Chopper: PJD Winners and Losers Aftershow 2
Junior, Mikey and Vinnie reflect on the booing of Senior during Chopper Live, OCC's decision to enter a non-bike in a bike competition, and the Polish Bike build.
American Chopper: Real Reality
Sometimes what makes great TV feels like a set-up in the eyes of its subjects.
American Chopper: Robb's Frustration
Robb expresses his dismay at some key changes in the design of the St. Jude's bike that were made without his knowledge.
American Chopper: Root of the Dispute
In going over the state of OCC with his staff, Senior reveals the root of his business -- and personal -- dispute with Junior.
American Chopper: Senior Meets Senior
When a fan with a familiar face drops by OCC, Senior decides to aggravate the situation between him and Junior by sending him to Paul Jr Designs.
American Chopper: Senior Suits Up
Paul Teutul Sr. and Beth visit John's Tailors (the same place that cuts the sleeves off all Senior's shirts) to find a suit for Jason's wedding.
American Chopper: Senior's No. 1 Bike
Paul Teutul Sr. reveals the best bike -- hands down -- he thinks OCC has built to date. (Hint: It's an oldie but goodie.)
American Chopper: Senior's No. 8 Bike
OCC has built HUNDREDS of bikes; see which came in at number 8 for Senior -- and why. (It may surprise you.)
American Chopper: The Concert
It's a musical -- although due to gravity, not a visual -- treat as Mikey Teutul tickles the ivories. We bet you didn't know he played the piano, did you?
American Chopper: The Edge
FARO Technologies, a longtime OCC client, commissions a bike from Junior in honor of their new arm -- called "The Edge" -- which calibrates in 3D.
American Chopper: Visiting St. Jude's
Paul Senior heads to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to discuss the creation of a bike to help raise money for the institution.
Auction Kings: 1943 Harley Davidson
A pawn broker delivers a 1943 Harley Davidson flathead to Gallery 63, hoping to recoup the money its former owner -- a NFL football player -- received for pawning it.
Auction Kings: A Father's Challenge
At Red Baron Antiques, his father's shop, Paul Brown picks up a gambler's watch (complete with concealed gun) for which he must fetch $1,500 at auction ... or owe his dad dinner.
Auction Kings: Dinosaur Poop
Dinosaur poop is actually brought to auction. See what Paul Brown thinks about it.
Auction Kings: Gambler's Watch Auction
Gallery 63 auctions a gambler's watch from the 1800's. There is a little more than just money riding on this auction though.
Auction Kings: Gone With The Wind
An original copy of "Gone With The Wind" is brought into Gallery 66. Is it authentic? Paul Brown finds out.
Auction Kings: Harley Auction
Will Paul Brown and Gallery 63 be able to blow past their seller's $5000 investment on this 1943 Harley Davidson flathead motorcycle?
Auction Kings: Say Bye to Your Babe
Describing it as "cool as the back of a pillow," Paul Brown returns from his test ride of a powerful 1947 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car a happy, happy man.
Auction Kings: Selling Dinosaur Poop
Paul Brown attempts to sell prehistoric dinosaur poop. See if anyone buys it.
Auction Kings: Welcome, Woodchop
It steers, it rolls, it's cheap on gas ... It's a wooden model of a 1937 Flathead Harley-Davidson, hand-crafted -- purportedly -- by two carpenters while under the influence. What's not to love?
Biker Build-Off Interviews: Matt Hotch's Garage
In this clip from the Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off," go inside Matt Hotch's garage and get a look at some of the projects that he's been working on.
Cafe Racer: Billy Joel's Motorcycle Accident
American musician and songwriter Billy Joel discusses his love for motorcycles and his 1982 motorcycle accident.
Cafe Racer: Custom Build on a Budget
Looking to build a bike on a budget? Check out this custom bike build completed by Cafe Racer.
Cafe Racer: Dallas Mods vs. Rockers
In Dallas, racers relive a moment in history where hundreds of mods battle against 20 rockers.
Cafe Racer: Engine Build
See how the team completes a engine build on a nontraditional frame.
Cafe Racer: Inside the Ducati Desmo
The team takes us inside the Ducati Desmo motorcycle and reveals what makes the engine so great.
Cafe Racer: Motorcycle Farm
If you're looking for spare parts, then the Motorcycle farm is the place for you.
Cafe Racer: Motorcycles and Fame
With a strong love for motorcycles, how can Billy Joel combine that with being a celebrity?
Cafe Racer: Putting It to a Test
The bike build is complete, and now it's time for the client to take it for a test drive.
Cafe Racer: Rockerbox
This rally isn't meant for the Harley Davidson lovers. Check out Rockerbox, a rally meant for the "other" riders.
Destroyed in Seconds: Bank Robber Takedown
A bank robber fleeing on his motorcycle doesn't get far after an unmarked police car stops him in his tracks. Watch this video from Discovery Channel's "Destroyed in Seconds."
Destroyed in Seconds: Bubba Jumps Short
Legendary stuntman Bubba Blackwell always tried to follow in Evel Knievel's footsteps. Watch this video from Discovery Channel's "Destroyed in Seconds."
Destroyed in Seconds: Daredevil Wipe Out
A motorcycle stunt driver is nearly torn in half when he comes up short during a daredevil jump. Watch this video from Discovery Channel's "Destroyed in Seconds."
Everest: Tim Medvetz
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Everest: Beyond the Limit," meet the custom motorcycle builder from Los Angeles who showed up at Base Camp with a sack full of money and a heart as big as Everest herself.
Future Car: The Carver
On Discovery Channel's "Future Car," learn about the car and motorcycle hybrid concept car called the Carver. Because of its sleek design, the developers hope the Carver will one day help minimize road congestion.
Future Car: The NARO
On Discovery Channel's "Future Car," learn about the NARO car. A car with some motorcycle characteristics that is slim and narrow to make it easier to maneuver in urban settings.
How Choppers Work
Choppers are quite suited for customization. To learn more about choppers and motorcycles, check out this HowStuffWorks video.
How Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Work
Harley-Davidson is the most popular brand of American motorcycles. Find out what sets Harley-Davidson apart in this HowStuffWorks video.
How It's Made: Motorcycle Engines
The Science Channel's "How It's Made" gets revved up when it reveals how motorcycle engines are assembled.
Mean Green Machines: Electric Drag Bike
This video from Planet Green's "Mean Green Machines" features a face-off between an electric drag bike and a gas-powered drag bike.
Mean Green Machines: Endurance Race
In an endurance race between an electric motocross bike and a Yamaha 250, which would win? Find out in this video from Planet Green's "Mean Green Machines."
Mean Green Machines: Snowmobile Shakedown
In this video from Planet Green's "Mean Green Machines," meet students who have designed a fully electric snowmobile.
Mecum Auto Auction: 1982 Pepsi Challenger
Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, the first funny car driver to go 250 miles per hour shares his story of driving the 1982 Pepsi Challenger.
Mecum Auto Auction: Dana Gets Worked
Dana finds that a sale is not always simple when a potential customer begins to work him instead.
Mecum Auto Auction: MV Agusta Collection
71 bikes, one marque and one lot. Check out the MV Agusta Collection in Monterey, California.
Meet the Enertia Electric Motorcycle
Watch this PodTech video to see why the Enertia electric motorcycle from Brammo Motorsports is a perfect solution for urban commuting. The Enertia can go about 50mph and travel 40 miles on a single 3-hour charge using a lithium phosphate battery.
Meet the Vectrix Motorcycle
Watch this video about how the Vectrix motorcycle works on HowStuffWorks. The Vectrix is a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) that gives motorcycle riders a zippy ride and with zero emissions. See how the Vectrix works in this video from
Motorcycle Girl: A Biker-Themed Fashion Show
A biker girl uses her passions to put on a bike-themed fashion show on Discovery Turbo's "Motorcycle Girl."
Motorcycle Girl: Suzanne Races Male Bikers
Experts and amateurs ride together in a race where a biker girl earns respect on Discovery Turbo's "Motorcycle Girl."
Motorcycle Lightning: Bonneville's Fastest Woman
Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats is in full swing and Belen Wagner will attempt to break the female speed record. Find out how it goes on Discovery Channel's "Motorcycle Lightning."
Motorcycle Lightning: Breaking the Speed Record
Breaking the record is the goal at Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats. Belen Wagner is making her attempt at the record without a functioning clutch. See if she makes it on Discovery Channel's "Motorcycle Lightning."
MythBusters: Bike vs. Car Aftershow 1
Jamie and Adam defend their controversial methodology, including their choice of car and bike models, weighting of pollutants, and lack of consideration for the environmental impact of vehicle production.
MythBusters: Bike vs. Car Aftershow 2
Find out why Adam describes this myth as "a real butt-kicker," why Jamie decided to add the bubble bike to the mix, and how the MythBusters are environmentally conscious in real life. (Plus, see Adam get distracted.)
MythBusters: Episode 841
What's the worst animal interaction Kari, Grant and Tory have ever had while riding? Did they feel bad killing bugs for the special? The MythBusters answer YOUR questions.
MythBusters: Jamie DIGS It!
See Jamie Hyneman grin ear-to-ear as he tests out his bubble bike -- a motorcycle with an aerodynamic hood -- as part of the Bike vs. Car myth.
MythBusters: Leather and Haste
Fact: Jamie Hyneman was riding a motorcycle before he had a driver's license. So, yes, Tablecloth Pull was AWESOME for him, especially when he exceeded 100 mph.
MythBusters: Savage Skillz
Get Adam Savage's views on dogs in sweaters and a sense of his singing skills as he and Jamie Hyneman test whether bikes or cars are better for the environment.
Ponch Will Pull You Over
You better not drive and hold your cell phone or PDA in California or Ponch will catch you on his motorcycle and write you a ticket. "CHiPs" star Erik Estrada is helping to promote California's new hands-free driving law. No word on where Jon is now.
Stunt Junkies: Barge To Barge Backflip
In this video segment from Discovery Channel's "Stunt Junkies," Mike Metzger attempts a backflip from one barge to another -- across a 75-foot gap.
Stunt Junkies: Fastest Nose Wheelie
Kane Friesen wants to break the world record for the fastest nose wheelie by balancing his motorcycle on its front wheel while traveling at 120 miles per hour. Can he do it? Find out in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Stunt Junkies."
Stunt Junkies: Wing Suit BASE Jump
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Stunt Junkies," Luigi Cani attempts a 2,000-foot BASE jump with a motorcycle while wearing a wing suit.
The Colony: Cool Trike Design
Reno comes up with a design for a tricycle vehicle that uses parts from a motorcycle and a boat trailer.
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 1
Watch this slow motion video of a dirt bike making a sharp turn on the side of a hill in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 2
Watch a dirt bike rider make a huge jump in slow motion, in this video from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 3
Watch what happens as a dirt bike rider takes on a bank of dirt in this slow motion video from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 4
Dirt flies when a bike rider wipes out. Watch this slow motion video from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 5
Watch this slow motion video of a dirt bike making a jump and see the dirt it kicks up in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Dirt Bike 6
Watch this slow motion video of a dirt bike taking off on a jump in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Time Warp."
Time Warp: Motorcycle Wheelie
With good balance and good timing, a motorcycle surfer can shift his center of gravity, completely leave the seat of the bike and return to it later.
Time Warp: Motorcycle Wipeout
A motorcycle surfer keeps his balance by adjusting his center of gravity. He can wipe out if he moves too far forward, backward or to the side.
Vectrix Electric 3-Wheeler
Watch this PodTech video demonstrating how the Vectrix electric 3-wheeler is blurring the lines between motorcycles and cars. The lithium ion battery powers the three-wheeler from 0-50 MPH in 5.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 62 mph.
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