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The 1918 Harley-Davidson 18-J was Harley's most powerful motorcycle for the year. The matching sidecar gave its occupants far more luxury and weather protection than the motorcycle's rider enjoyed. Read about this 1918 Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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1981 Yamaha 1100 Midnight Special

The 1981 Yamaha 1100 Midnight Special motorcycle wasn't your typical cruiser-type bike. It had an inline-four power and shaft-drive which was faster and smoother than other cruisers. See pictures and learn about the Yamaha 1100 Midnight Special.

1911 Flying Merkel

The 1911 Flying Merkel was considered one of the premier motorcycles of its day. But despite innovative models such as this one, the Merkel company would be out of business by 1916. Learn about the 1911 Flying Merkel.

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