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Be Your Own Mechanic

Attempting to thwart the thieves who'd virtually declared war on Firebirds (and Camaros), GM installed a "pass key" deterrent system in all '89 models, following the lead of the GTA. Learn more about the 1989 Pontiac Firebird 20th Anniversary Trans Am in this article.

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2000 Jaguar XKR

The 2000 Jaguar XKR a 4-passenger luxury sports car was a superb supercharged variant of the “base” XK form. Come and discover this classy and lavish auto's pluses minuses production facts specifications engine types and more.

How Ford Works

Ford Motor Company skyrocketed from obscurity to dominate the American auto industry in less than 12 years. Learn about Ford history and Ford cars starting from the Model T all the way to the Ford GT.

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