Exhaust pipes run on both sides of the Johnny Walker. The right-side pipe makes a loop behind the cylinder.

Johnny Walker Chopper Pictures

The Johnny Walker chopper features an imaginative and edgy design. See below for more pictures and details of this custom motorcycle.

The exhaust pipes on the Johnny Walker exit through lattice grilles set ahead of the rear axle.

The Johnny Walker's edgy fuel tank features a center spine topped with a "spinner" fuel cap.

A driver's-eye view of the fuel tank on the Johnny Walker chopper.

Solid forks pivot at the base of the Johnny Walker's frame neck, compressing a spring mounted to the top of the neck. A similar design was used on bicycles of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Johnny Walker chopper's wheels are finished in brown -- part of the bike's unusual color combination.

More hammock than saddle, the leather sling that passes as a seat on the Johnny Walker is suspended between three posts.

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