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Fuel-efficient Vehicles

Fuel-efficient vehicles are extremely important. Because we need to cut our fuel consumption and find other ways of powering cars, fuel-efficient vehicles are now very popular. Check out these great fuel-efficient vehicle articles from HowStuffWorks.

The Consumer Guide to E85 Ethanol Vehicles

Want to drive an E85 vehicle but don't know which automakers make E85 ethanol flex fuel vehicles? Our guide to E85 vehicles will tell you which ones are compatible and whether or not a flex-fuel vehicle is right for you.

Student-built Car Can Drive 2,713 Miles on a Gallon of Gas

Hey car manufacturers, are you taking notes? See more »

Micro-lattice Metal: The future of lightweight cars?

Will these hollow strands of laser-cut nickel revolutionize car manufacturing? And would you really want a car body that's just 0.01 percent solid? Maybe -- it's pretty resilient stuff. See more »

Spend Green to Drive Green

Consumers are still paying a premium in the showrooms on new technologies. Keep reading to learn about the greenest cars on the market. See more »

Do solar powered cars cause pollution?

Do solar powered cars cause pollution? Keep reading to learn about solar powered cars and if they cause pollution. See more »

10 Best Green Cars

Just because a car says "hybrid" on its side panel, is it really any easier on the environment than its gas-burning counterparts? See more »

Will solar powered cars ever take over the streets?

There’s a lot of buzz these days about electric vehicles, as years of prototypes and waiting at last give way to cars like the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius. But if gasoline is no longer king, is there room for solar power in the auto industry? See more »

Fossil fuels (like gasoline and diesel) are running out and getting a bad rap for nasty tailpipe emissions -- and rightly so. Learn more about how green are automotive lithium-ion batteries. See more »

How the 2010 Honda Insight Works

In 1999, Honda Motor Company became the first automaker to sell a mass-produced, gas-electric hybrid to U.S. drivers -- the 2000 Honda Insight. But how has Honda refined the Insight for 2010? See more »

Toyota Prius Pictures

See pictures of the Toyota Prius. See more »

How GM's E-Flex Propulsion System Works

The E-Flex Propulsion System is a new platform from General Motors that will power the highly anticipated Chevrolet Volt sedan. If GM has its way, most commuters won't have to burn any gas as they travel to work each day. See more »