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As the G Word recently showed us, it'd be very cool to convert your existing gas guzzler to an electric car. But something tells us you'd be in just a tad bit of trouble with the dealer at lease-end!

Don't be blue if you can't 'electrify' your ride: there's other things you can do on the fuel-efficiency front, like

- Drive Steady: According to Treehugger's Ready, Set, Green, driving 65 miles per hour instead of 75 increases fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent. By minimizing sudden braking and accelerating, and keeping your coast on at one speed, you're driving in the green zone.

- Love Your Tires: Under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by 4 to 8 percent. Keep your tire pressure at optimal pounds per square inch (psi).

- Idle Less: Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel then restarting the engine. If possible, shut off the engine when waiting. And get off your bum ? walk-in, don't drive-through!

- Get Re-Refined: Re-refined motor oil is just as good, if not better than virgin oil and it takes less energy to produce than a gallon from fresh crude oil. And in some cases, it could be cheaper. Check out the California Integrated Waste Management Board for more info.

Little changes add up, so get in the green lane today!

This post is inspired by G Word