Are you a safe driver?

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Drive Like You Have an Open Cup of Coffee in the Car

Recognizing that 30 percent of their city

Using internet-based sustainability software from Enviance, Denver residents can volunteer to have their driving monitored with a tracking device hooked up to their car. After taking a cruise, they log online to determine the impact of their driving behaviors on CO2 emissions and fuel economy. The results?

By making slight changes like lightly tapping on their brakes, scaling back on rapid accelerations and not letting cars idle, the 400 participating vehicles showed a 10 percent decrease in overall emissions.

Denver resident and volunteer Brittany Lyons said she uses this tip from software-sponsor Enviance to help her ease up on emissions-spewing starts and stops: "Drive like you have an open cup of coffee in the car."

(Disclaimer: Denver-based EnCana Oil & Gas financed the project. While I won

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