Dee Marvin/AP


So you converted your car to run on biodiesel. You're ready to take your newly greened beauty on a road trip across the country on its virgin run. Problem is, you're not so sure where exactly you can buy biodiesel.

And that's got to be a pressing question for plenty of would-be biodiesel converts—how can you be sure you'll be able to find the stuff when you need a fill up on the road? Thankfully, there are now hundreds of retailers and gas stations that sell biodiesel. And you can locate all of them on this handy map online, courtesy of

Just by throwing a cursory glance at the map, it's a little surprising to find the majority of biodiesel fueling stations are in the Midwest, and relatively few to be found in California?long considered a major biodiesel advocate.

Check the map soon for an incoming feature that will allow you to map a route according to the availability of biodiesel—should be useful for any biodieseler to be sure.

And if you've pondered the conversion, are open to the idea, or just didn't want to have to pull up to restaurants to pilfer their cooking oil, you now have yet another reason to go through with it. With hundreds?maybe thousands?of fueling stations along the road, you're sure to be able to make even cross country trips using only biofuels. Of course, you can always make your own biodiesel ahead of time and keep a stockpile handy, too.