Originally a concept car designed to compete with the sedans of the 1950s, the Corvette hit production lines in 1953 and been a powerhouse ever since. Learn about this beloved classic car through the ages.
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The 1996 Corvette was last in the C4 generation and offered two special models the Grand Sport and Collectors Edition. Orders for the 1996 Corvette Grand Sport totaled exactly 1,000. Learn more about these cars.

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The 1958 Corvette received positive praise due to its economical price and solid performance. The ‘58 Corvette, though heavier than the previous year's model, boasted several improvements. Learn more about this Corvette.

Corvette Specifications

The Corvette has long been America's dream car. It began with slow sales and almost died a quick death, but was resurrected through innovative engineering a landmark V-8 engine and superb styling. Learn more about Corvette specifications through the years.

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