Originally a concept car designed to compete with the sedans of the 1950s, the Corvette hit production lines in 1953 and been a powerhouse ever since. Learn about this beloved classic car through the ages.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

The 1974 Corvette defied the odds by selling at or near its best-ever levels. It also marked a new high for luxury with plenty of creature comforts and far greater reliability. Find photos and specifications for the Corvette.

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1956 Corvette

The 1956 Corvette was restyled inside and out to look and operate better than its predecessor. All the former version's inferior elements were removed and the superior ones were now emphasized. See how Corvette finally came of age.

1991 Corvette

The 1991 Corvette boasted a sleeker look and minor technological updates but faced a declining market. ZR-1 sales fell by a third for 1991, down to 2,044 units. Learn more about the 1991 Corvette.


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