Classic Motorcycles
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The 1957 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster is among more than 150 classic motorcycles from around the world featured in these articles. See more motorcycle pictures.

Classic Motorcycles

Classic motorcycles are a thrilling blend of precision, style, and performance. Kick start your trip though 100 years of classic motorcycles by linking to the articles assembled here.

Motorcycle Image Gallery

Informative, concise, and packed with color pictures, these articles highlight more than 150 of the best bikes ever made.

Learn about classic motorcycles from the legendary marques: BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, and Triumph.

From these hallowed manufacturers came such all-time greats as the 1965 BMW R27, the 1977 Ducati 900SS, the 1965 Harley-Davidson FL Electra-Glide, the 1969 Honda CB750, the 1953 Indian Chief, and the 1976 Triumph Bonneville.

But don't stop there!

Discover scores of other classic motorcycles, too. Check out our articles and pictures celebrating such gems as the 1910 Pierce, the 1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, the 1994 Buell S2 Thunderbolt, and many more timeless wonders.

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Classic Motorcycles

The 1994 BMW R1100RSL is among the classic motorcycles from the renowned German company.

BMW Motorcycles

BMW motorcycles wear a blue-and-white logo designed to conjure up a spinning airplane propeller. Learn why that's an apt symbol by linking to the BMW motorcycle articles below.

BMW motorcycles were born from precision-minded German aircraft builders, a legacy of engineering that continues today.

Learn about the pivotal bikes that established BMW motorcycles as the definition of two-wheel refinement and balance.

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Classic Motorcycles

The 1994 Ducati 916 sport bike is just one of the classic motorcycles from Italy’s foremost motorcycle manufacturer.

Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati motorcycles roared from the ashes of World War II to embody the highest principals of efficient motorcycle design and exotic looks. Link to the articles below to learn how Ducati did it.

The Ducati story is one of a war-devastated Italian electronics firm that remade itself as builder of some of the world's most desirable motorcycles.

The earliest Ducati motorcycles were basic transportation, but before long they were winning races and wowing the most discriminating riders. Learn about these great bikes that, by the 1970s, were certified works of motorcycle art.

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Classic Motorcycles

The many classic motorcycles from America’s iconic motorcycle marque.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles transcend mere transportation devices. Link to the picture-rich articles below to learn why.

Big and brawny, loud and proud, Harley-Davidson is America on two wheels.

It's no coincidence that the history of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson, founded in 1903, parallels that of the 20th Century, the American Century.

Racers and cops, soldiers and stars, lawyers and loners, all seem to have found themselves on a Harley. Experience the magic in these profiles and pictures of very special Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1900-1909Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1910-1919Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1920-1929Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1930-1939Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1940-1949Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1950-1959Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1960-1969Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1970-1979Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1980-1989Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 1990-1999Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 2000-2002For more classic motorcycles information and pictures, see:
Classic Motorcycles

The one of the classic motorcycles from this respected Japanese company.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles changed the image of the motorcycle in the 1960s, and not a moment too soon. Learn how Honda did it by checking out the links below.

Motorcycles in the early 1960s suffered an image problem. They were identified with society's outsiders. But thanks to friendly little bikes like the 1969 Honda Dream 305, motorcycles were suddenly welcome on suburbia's driveways.

Discover in these articles a story made all the more remarkable by the multiple dimensions of Honda's impact on motorcycling.

Not only did Honda domesticate the motorcycle, it raced to the other end of the spectrum to create some of the world's hottest power bikes. And it helped instigate an entire motorcycle cult as maker of the remarkable Gold Wing series. Learn more about these and other historic Hondas.

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Classic Motorcycles

The 1946 Indian Chief presence carried by bikes from this legendary American motorcycle maker.

Indian Motorcycles

Indian motorcycles are rivaled only by those from Harley-Davidson for the sense of Americana they inspire. Explore the links below to learn about the fantastic bikes from this innovative Massachusetts motorcycle maker founded in 1901.

Chain direct-drive, swingarm rear suspension, dozens of color choices, aluminum cylinder heads -- even the slogan, "You can learn to ride it in five minutes," helped distinguish early Indian motorcycles from their many rivals.

Indian motorcycles enjoyed their glory days before World War II, when these big bikes were renowned for their power, styling, and high-speed stability.

The Indian Chief models of the immediate postwar years carried on that proud tradition. Check out our profiles and pictures of the classic Indian motorcycles.

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Classic Motorcycles

The British bike maker on the classic motorcycle map.

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph motorcycles have their own place in the hearts of hard-core bikers, as you'll discover by linking to the Triumph motorcycle articles below.

These brash Brits had a look of bold confidence and backed it up with race-winning speed that befit the legends that road them.

Marlon Brando roared across the silver screen on a Triumph in "The Wild One" in 1953. Bob Dylan crashed one in Woodstock, N.Y. in 1966. Check out our choice selection of classic Triumph motorcycles to discover why they've become so iconic.

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Classic Motorcycles

The fastest bikes of its era, is among the dozens of classic motorcycles you can learn about by linking to the articles below.

Other Classic Motorcycles

Link to the articles below for a full-throttle blast through picture-packed profiles of more than 60 classic motorcycles.

Check out pioneers like the 1904 Marsh, emblematic of an era when a motorcycle was little more than an internal combustion engine bolted to a bicycle frame.

Learn about advances that led to boulevard bullies like the 1940 Crocker, which could show its taillight to most anything on wheels -- two or four.

Discover how motorcycles evolved along dual paths in the 1950s and 1960s. One followed the outlaw romance of bikes like the Vincent Black Shadow. The other led innocently to the likes of the 1964 Vespa.

Find out how the speed, reliability, and value of Japanese bikes recast the motorcycle world and loosed on the streets rockets like the 1986 Suzuki GSXR750.

And see what happened when free thinkers saddled up a 502-cubic-inch Chevy V-8 to create the aptly named 1996 Boss Hoss. It's just one of the great bikes among scores of classic motorcycles.

Classic Motorcycles. 1900-1914Classic Motorcycles, 1915-1939Classic Motorcycles, 1940-1959Classic Motorcycles, 1960-1969Classic Motorcycles, 1970-1974Classic Motorcycles, 1975-1979Classic Motorcycles, 1980-1989Classic Motorcycles, 1990-2000For more classic motorcycles information and pictures, see: