Classic Motorcycles

The one of the classic motorcycles from this respected Japanese company.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles changed the image of the motorcycle in the 1960s, and not a moment too soon. Learn how Honda did it by checking out the links below.

Motorcycles in the early 1960s suffered an image problem. They were identified with society's outsiders. But thanks to friendly little bikes like the 1969 Honda Dream 305, motorcycles were suddenly welcome on suburbia's driveways.

Discover in these articles a story made all the more remarkable by the multiple dimensions of Honda's impact on motorcycling.

Not only did Honda domesticate the motorcycle, it raced to the other end of the spectrum to create some of the world's hottest power bikes. And it helped instigate an entire motorcycle cult as maker of the remarkable Gold Wing series. Learn more about these and other historic Hondas.

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