How do 30 pounds of air in your tires hold up two tons of car? What’s the technology behind the tire and how do wheels work? Learn it all in the Car Wheels and Tires Channel.

5 Warning Signs You Need New Tires

Tire failure while you're driving can be disastrous. It's always best to buy new ones before something goes wrong on the road. But do you know the warning signs that indicate you need new tires?

You need new tires, and would like to measure your car's tire size before going shopping. Here is a guide how to measure car tire size.

Some tires are built to handle mud and snow… and some are not. Learn about mud and snow tire designations in this article.

You need to put chains on tires, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to put chains on tires in this article.

How can I make my tires last longer?

Since even the cheapest set of tires can add up quickly if you have to replace all four at one time, wouldn't it be nice to know how to make your tires last as long as possible? Here are a few helpful tips.

How Tires are Made

Most people don't have to buy tires too often, nor do they realize that tires are a key part of their car's safety and performance. But have you ever wondered how tires are made?

What makes a tire safe?

Generally speaking, all tires look the same. But the truth is they're not even remotely the same in use, engineering or construction. So how do you choose a tire that's safe for your car or truck?

Will rotating my tires make them last longer?

Tires come in an array of sizes and constructions. Given the countless factors affecting tire life, it's a guarantee a car's tires will wear unevenly. But will rotating your tires make them last longer?

Are some tires safer than others?

Having improper or unsafe tires on your car is like wearing the wrong shoes -- only with consequences that can be much more serious. Are some tires really safer than others?

What are fuel-efficient tires?

Fuel-efficient tires aren't anything new. In fact, car manufacturers often install tires that improve a car's fuel efficiency ratings. But until recently, tire shops didn't sell them. What are fuel-efficient tires, anyway?

Do I really need to replace all four tires at the same time?

Buying new tires can be a confusing (and often expensive) experience. It seems like everyone gives you advice about how to handle it. But, do you really need to replace all four tires at the same time?