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Dual Survival: Strip The Car
Dave and Cody strip their car for everything that might help them survive the desert.
How Clutches Work: Definition
Do you know the difference between an automatic clutch and a manual clutch? Find out in this video on how clutches work from HowStuffWorks.
How Manual Transmissions Work
Manual transmissions allow drivers to change gears and thus maintain the best performance. See how manual transmissions work in this video from HowStuffWorks.
How Turbochargers Work
A turbocharger gives your car engine that extra boost of power. Learn how to install a turbocharger in this video from HowStuffWorks.
Understanding: Car Engine Basics
Using a special engine cam, get an introduction to the basic functions and operations of a car engine on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Drivetrain and Transmission Basics
Most cars in America use an automatic transmission to do the shifting in their drivetrain. Learn more about transmissions and drivetrains on TLC's "Understanding."